Blog Painting a House You Just Bought May 14, 2023

Painting a house you just bought is one of the most exciting things to do when it comes to building your dream home. According to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders, most homeowners painted their houses within six months of purchase.

If you’re moving into a new space, repainting will be one of the easiest ways to personalize your home. Whether it is a second-hand house or a newly constructed one, there are various reasons why you would want to paint your new house.

Some people feel that their space is too dark and would prefer lighter colors, while others just can't stand the current color scheme. Whatever your reasons may be, painting your new space will give it more character and can instantly transform it into your dream home.

Here’s how to go about painting a house you just bought:

1. Prioritize Areas that need Immediate Touch Up

As much as you may want to paint the entire building all at once, it would be practical to prioritize areas that require immediate attention. For example, if the interior paint is outdated or dirty, painting the walls would be the perfect first step.

The same goes for the exterior, where signs of peeling or chipping paint can be a major eyesore. Prioritizing the more visually significant spots will offer quick transformation with minimal time and cost.

2. Choose a Color Scheme

Choosing a color scheme is an essential part of the entire process. It can be incredibly exciting and sometimes overwhelming - but don't worry, "there's an app for that!" - Many paint companies offer paint visualizer apps that allow you to upload a photo of your room, apply their paint colors of your choice, and visualize how the space will look before you make a commitment to the exact color.

3. The More Time You Spend with Paint Swatches, The Better.

This process of choosing the perfect color may take some time, but whatever you do, avoid choosing colors in haste. Remember, the color you choose will determine the overall look and feel of your space for the foreseeable future.

So grab a few paint swatches from the store and stick them to various sections of the wall. Look at them in different lights, i.e. in the morning, afternoon, and evening, then make a decision that incorporates your furniture, curtains, and accessories.

4. Consider the Timing

Timing is essential when planning to paint your new space. If your plan is to paint the exterior, you have to consider rainfall, wind, and humidity levels, among other weather conditions. High humidity and rain can significantly affect the drying time of the paint.

For interior painting, most professionals recommend waiting before moving in. Newly painted walls need time to dry and cure before any installation takes place in the space, especially curtains, furniture, or paintings.

5. Don’t Rush the Preparation

Before grabbing a paintbrush, it is crucial to ensure that the area is well prepared. First, remove any old paint from the walls to create a smooth surface. Second, ensure that the walls are dry and free from dirt, grease, and oil.

Cover any areas you don’t want painted, like floors or windowsills, and apply painter's tape for crisp lines. If there is any damage on the walls, like small holes or cracks, fix them before painting.

6. Seeking professional help can make all the difference.

Although painting can be a DIY process, sometimes it may require professional help. Especially if it is your first time painting or you have a more extensive space, painting professionals can ensure that you get the best results.

They will assist in selecting the paint, as well as recommend the painting technique and color to bring your vision to life. If you're not the DIY type, consider outsourcing to a professional crew.

In conclusion, painting a house you just bought is one of the most exciting things to do when personalizing your space. With the right tools, preparation, and color scheme, you can instantly transform your space into your dream home. Don't hesitate - get started painting today!

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